TwGB News

We are an Island Troll Tribes clan on Warcraft III. Our home channel is Clan TwGB @ Azeroth (US East). We host the most current version of Island Troll Tribes on a 24/7 hostbot. It is also connected to US West and Europes servers.

Return For A Night

Hey all, Get online March 15 7pm EST American, approx 2pm CET Europe Use this site to easily find out the time near you, Would be nice to see as many old names as possible. Get the word out to every old player you kn (continued)

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ITT Videos!!

Hey Guys, just letting you know im going to start making island trolls videos again, please send all your replays to Thanks and keep an eye on the page! -Bliss

New Map

TwGB will be switching to v2.88c from v2.87b. Please email suggestions for the next version to!